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Sat, 23 May 2009 – On the move again!

July 1, 2009

Since I last sent an update, a considerable amount has happened. Firstly, I finally made rather a spontaneous decision about my travel plans. This was aided strongly by a bout of horrible weather featuring cold, rain and wind in combination making bicycle riding and doing anything rather a wet, gusty and unfavourable experience. What is more, the mountain biking powers that be in Christchurch decided to shut the trails in the wet weather. Rather boring but unfortunately necessary to keep their pristinely chiselled trails in order. So I decided to follow the sun while I can and so I I would like to try and make it back to Romania. However I still have a bicycle in tow and even though I did manage to get from England to Hong Kong overland with it, it was a considerable effort that I am not sure I want to go through again right at this very moment! So as I already had a return to Hong Kong, I decided to purchase an onward ticket to London where I am depositing my bicycle before I hope to head off as a backpacker for a while instead. In my usual style I will probably be doing a mad dash over the length and breadth of the England while I am here so hope to see many of you. I will then decide if it is back to New Zealand for another summer or whether I finally make it across to Canada or come up with some other mad scheme (quite possible)!

To be fair to New Zealand, since making the decision the weather improved and it is had a good spell of mostly crisp, sunny days but just as a reminder I got hailed on the day I left!

I thought I would put together some things that have struck me as being particularly Kiwi (a little hard to do now that I have been there for so long and maybe I will not realise some until I get back to England for the contrasting culture).

Kiwi ways:


Pies are popular, particularly Kiwi are steak and cheese pies (the cheese in my experience tends to actually be a rather tasteless cheese sauce; you can also get sausages with the same “cheese” included), not as classy as your English steak and stilton pies!

Minced beef pie covered in lashings of tomato sauce (a more spiced version of tomato ketchup and not to be confused)

Lamb, lamb sausages

Chocolate with an extraordinary variety of different fillings like “tiramisu”, “crème-brulee”

Blending any two or more cultures’ food

Pineapple lumps – they would call these chocolate covered pineapple flavoured “lollies” but I would call them chocolate covered sweets and the US audience would know as candy.

Chocolate fish – similar chocolate covered marshmallow type confectionary


Ending a statement with “ay” as if inviting some comment but not necessarily expecting one

The phrase “sweet as” which seems to me to me lazy, not actually providing any simile, sweet as what exactly? This is then extended to any adjective you should so like such as “cute as” “Kiwi as” for the ultimate lazy vocabulary!

No worries mate”

Using “How you going?” instead of “how are you?”

Sweet potato (English) =kumara (NZ)

Bell(red, yellow or green) pepper = capsicum (NZ)

As I write I have been catching up with people I know in Hong Kong after having the shock of walking into 30 deg C and very high humidity. Air conditioning is again my best friend! I will be here for a few days and land in London mid afternoon on Tuesday.

Fun and Frolics in New Zealand
Fun and Frolics in NZ, HK and UK

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