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15th September 2009 – A last minute trip to the US

September 18, 2009

I used to find air travel fun. It was great to be able to have a bit of a relaxing time whilst catching up with the latest Hollywood films on board. Now I find it dull. The novelty has worn off but not only this, I’d rather be travelling on a train or on my bicycle where the scenery is ever changing and I’m seeing new countries along the way. Would I ever get sick of that eventually? I think there are plenty more long train journeys and countries I have yet to experience! I saw something about one that goes from some place in China whose name I don’t remember, to Tibet which got me dreaming. It will have to go on the list of things to do along with going to the place in Norway to where the sun never goes down in a certain part of the year.

Today I landed in the US and found it surreal that after just 12 hours from leaving home, I was so far away and had seen so little along the way. I think I prefer the ethos of Cavathy’s Ithaka which talks of the experience of getting to a destination being as important, if not more important than actually reaching the destination.

My destination on this occasion was Goshen, Indiana, about which I actually know very little other than that I have family here, there are lots of flat cornfields and there is a large Amish community here. I have visited before on trips from the south when I was living in Memphis (TN) and Durham (NC). This time I am here for a month (apart from possible trips to Cleveland and Washington DC) staying with family so I hope to be able discover more in this time. I have accompanied my 93 year-old Grandma here, enabling her to visit her first great-grandchild and so I will enjoy a mixture of time with family and time on the road. Unfortunately I had to leave my trusty bicycle behind and I am still experiencing discomfort from my wrist when cycling. Still, I have little doubt that I shall find myself back on a bicycle despite this. I just can’t help it!

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