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On Travelling – How my Journey Began

March 14, 2012

There are many reasons why people take to the roads and travel: a sense of adventure, wanting to see the world and experience different cultures. There are other more personal motives such as a relationship break up requiring a change of scenery or a need to find purpose-inspiring a voyage of discovery.

Some, in starting out on their journey, end up on a long-lasting sometimes never-ending nomadic journey finding solace in constant stimulation from new places, a different methods of travel and meeting new people. It is great to have a break sometimes but if the break is extended it can result in constant avoidance. What’s wrong with constant avoidance? Well, if you’re not addressing something that is causing you trouble, you are not living life in all its fullness and why not deal with it if it means you (and invariably people around you) will have a better life as a result?

So, what were my motives for travelling? Partly it was because I had wanted to for several years and partly because I needed to just have some good fun to get myself out of a grumpy rut and learn not to take life too seriously! The latter had been fuelled by a fear that if I didn’t do good or valuable things then I was not valuable as a person.

Another motivation I discovered whilst going about my boring office job; I was pondering upon my desires and the actual state of my life and realised I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I had come to be where I was now because I hadn’t been brave enough to do anything more. That is when the journey really started; change could now come about because of the realisation of a disparity in my life. The final motive and challenge I set myself was to learn to trust people more. Both of these motives had a root of fear, one of failure, the other of harm or rejection. On the surface, I was a crazy girl who wanted to leave the country with her bicycle and wouldn’t let the fact that nobody would come with her stop this, but underneath, it was not that simple or easy to do.

I hope to tell you more stories of how I did with the three motivations and therefore challenges I set myself: to find value in myself, to learn to trust and to overcome fear of failure.

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