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More to tell on the New Zealand Adventures

March 11, 2014

I hear it’s all too common for people who’re travelling to never write their last blog post covering the end of their trip. I guess it’s because blogging is a way of sharing your travels with those at home, so when you’re already home you have less need to write because you can just talk about it. Well this is me carrying on and even though it’s been a few years now I’m picking up my pen because there’s still lots to tell. Other exciting news is that another adventure has begun with a lovely crazybikeman and his crazybikeson. There’s lots to tell there too so I will share what fun has ensued recently also.



So, back to the New Zealand adventure: after some consideration and a dwindling bank balance I opted to return to my two wheeled journey. The van had not proved to be very economical in petrol and I was sick of the smell of the engine which was right under my seat! I enjoyed cycling in the hills of Christchurch and Wanaka whilst waiting for some new kit to arrive from England to make this kind of travel possible with my choice of bicycle. The full suspension bicycle was not capable of taking a rack for bags on the back so I ordered a trailer which could be fitted to the rear axle instead.

A few days after the kit arrived I was chilling about the house with some friends in Wanaka and felt the earth move. It was enough to send the light fixings on a good swing from their long cable and a greater rumble than I had experienced so far on my travels in New Zealand. For most New Zealanders it’s nothing to worry about and a very regular occurrence. I was shocked to discover when I headed out into town to the internet cafe that we were feeling the effects of one of the more destructive aftershocks of the Christchurch (Chch) earthquake that had happened the September before. Crazy! Around 250 miles away as the crow flies we felt the shifting of a relatively small crack in the plates. A quick call to some buddies in Chch to discover they were fine was a great relief but from the news reports it was clear that this was not the case for everyone. It had happened around lunchtime and there were a lot of people out and about and many still in office buildings. Later I discovered that another friend had to run from her building and didn’t stop until she got home and found solace with a neighbour. The after effects of this earthquake and aftershocks are continuing as Chch is rebuilt with yet ongoing rumblings.

Plans to fetch belongings from Chch were delayed for a while at this point and time was enjoyed travelling with a friend and her campervan further south in Wanaka, Queenstown and Dunedin. The latter we discovered had amazing beached and we went in search of various kinds of penguins that found their resting places on some of them.

Click here for Dunedin photos!

That’s it for now but more will follow.


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