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I refused to leave home on my recent travels without my bicycle and this is where I have published update messages to people who are interested in reading them. This blog tells my whole adventure, not solely the cycling adventures but I am starting to write more about what I learned along the way and some more detailed stories.

I started my love of cycling on a rigid bicycle along the rough, rutted tracks that ran through Attenborough Nature Reserve near Nottingham, UK in 1993. Since then the tracks have been improved for greater access and my cycling has advanced also. I went off to university in Bath, UK with my brother’s old Giant Track with it’s quadruple-butted steel frame upgraded with Rock Shox Judy’s and found bigger hills, rougher tracks and racing.

Since then, I’ve developed a love for cycle touring, not necessarily just on road but off also. I like to have variety and stop along my tours to mountain bike.

My steeds for my travels:

September 2008 – January 2010 Kona Cindercone with Marzochi Bombers – 2 ins travel, front only. Rear panniers only for touring.

January 2010 – present Giant NRS XTC 950 with 3 ins travel front and rear. Trailer: Adventure CT1 one-wheel.

The current vehicle of choice

Giant NRS circa 2001 recently rebuilt. Weight: 16kg
Adventure CT1 trailer weight: 6kg
Drybag and gear weight: 21kg not including food.

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